The Local Bridge

The Local Bridge is more than a directory — we connect the community. Founded by a local for locals, we want to see our community thrive. It’s this desire that birthed our humble beginning.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to help generate a thriving local economy by promoting local businesses, encouraging consumers to shop local, and bringing businesses together to collaborate, sharpening one another to better serve our community.

Our Mission.

1. To empower consumers to become savvy.
2. To support local businesses with exposure.
3. To raise the standard of service in the community.
4. To maximize visitor experience.

Join the fun and make a difference

If you share our vision for an exceptional city, please join us in making a difference.

There are three ways you can partner with us to impact our community for better: join as a vision partner, a vocal consumer, and/or an ambassador.

Business Owners and Managers

Partner with us to become the exclusive go-to expert in the city and develop a lifetime non-stop pipeline of clients to your business without spending a dime. Get more details here.

Savvy Consumers

Your review helps your neighbors shop and hire smarter. But more importantly, it influences the agendas of some of the best businesses we’ve come to love and trust.

Partner with us in improving accountability and raising the standard of service in our community by using one of the most powerful tools in your possession — your voice.

Local Ambassadors

Do you love Sioux Falls as much as we do?

Become a ambassador and get an exclusive opportunity to shape our city without running for office. And oh… get paid doing it. Get more details here.

It takes a community

Whether you’re a business owner or a savvy consumer, we all want the same thing — a fair and honest marketplace and a prosperous neighborhood to live in and do business.

At The Local Bridge, we believe this is possible. But it takes the collective power of everyone to make it happen.

Let’s join forces to make this desire a reality for our families, friends, and the future generation.