Become the go-to Local Niche Authority and Generate a Non-Stop Pipeline of New Clients for Life


Become a local niche authority in your field.

In this day and age, it’s not enough to plaster a piece of paper on the wall to convince potential clients of you’re qualifications.

Consumers are informed. You must deliver first. But how do you get that chance to prove yourself? Simple: Become the local niche authority in your profession!

Being the authority or the subject matter expert in your industry has an untold amount of benefits for your business. It stops you from bagging for clients, and can leapfrog your business ahead of competition in record time.

The vision partner opportunity is designed to help you maximize the return on your knowledge by giving you an exclusive audience to inform, empower, and wowed.

Everything you need to separate yourself from the crowd and set yourself as the go-to local niche authority with your expertise.

Do it right and you could generate a loyal audience — a tribe of lifetime clients and passionate marketers for your brand.

If you love your profession and you enjoy sharing your knowledge, become a vision partner.

Our platform can help accelerate the journey, and in a short time position you as the go-to niche local authority, with the potential to generate a pipeline line of consistent clients for years without paying a dime!

Here is how it works.

How to become the local niche authority with the vision partnership

Work with us to give our readers fresh, informative, original, entertaining, and easy to digest contents that empowers and showcase your expertise.

We can collaborate on keywords and topics to write about if you need ideas. We can also help with forging immaculate titles readers can’t resist but click on to read it.

In addition:

  • We’ll optimize your contents for humans and search engines to maximize visibility.
  • We’ll publish it on with credit to you as the author.
  • We’ll permanently link it to your business page.
  • We’ll market it throughout the site, social medial, and email.
  • We’ll make it easily shareable so more people can access and distribute it for even more exposure.

Vision Partner benefits

As the only expert in your profession, you are not only getting an exclusive audience, you are getting prospects. But that’s not all.

We will also:

  • Give you a free premium business page ( discount, additional photos, google analytics, etc. ) for as long as you want to join forces.
  • Give you ad space for a banner ad (placement to be detainment) for as long as you want to the exclusive author in your niche.
  • Grand you access to add events with your listing

And if you decide to end our partnership, no worries, your content will continue to generate traffic for your business. It will stay published for ever.

This truly is the perfect way to invest your time and energy. But spots are limited, because we accept one professional per industry (one interior designer, one electrician, one chiropractor, etc.)

If your interest act fast.

How to reserve you’re exclusive spot now!

So, are you ready to take your marketing efforts up a notch? Then contact us to be considered.

Our goal is to inform, inspire and empower our readers.

We reserved the right to accept or reject anyone interested if we feel the individuals don’t share in our mission.

Selections are processed based on a first come first serve basis.

Lock in your spot for a chance to become the local authority in your industry and a chance for a lifetime promotion for your business today!

Author: Francis

Founder. I love Sioux Falls and its people.

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