How to Claim Your Listing on TLB

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Having wrong and outdated information such as contact number or business address can be frustrating to potential clients. That’s why it’s crucial to have control over public information on business listing sites.

We understand you have a million other things to do than claim your business. So we make it easy. Now you can breeze through the whole process in 10 minutes or less.

Here are 5 simple steps to claim your business page.

5 easy steps to claim your business

  1. Locate Your Listing
  2. Login or Create an Account
  3. View and Claim Listing
  4. Receive Authorization via Email
  5. Login & Manage Your Business Page

That’s it.

Don’t leave potential clients with a bad taste. Claim and your business listing today so you can update your page to better represent your brand.

Need more assistance? Contact us and we’ll love to help.

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