How to Make A Quit Proof New Year’s Resolution You can Commit to in 2022

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Did you know?

90% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned before the second week of February. With that kind of failure rate, how do you avoid becoming part of the statistics?

Make your resolution strategic, easy to implement and quite proof by addressing areas that are susceptible to temptations.

For instance, change vague, non personal and unrealistic New Year resolutions with a resolution:

  • That is clear.
  • That is birth out of personal conviction, not someone’s idea or cultural pressure.
  • That is realistic.

This simple steps can make you a divergent, in a population that gives up on dreams, before the first quarter of the year-end.

Consider these helpful tips to make a practical and actionable New Years’ resolution that start you off on the right foot and keep you motivated well beyond March, and ultimately achieve your 2021 resolutions.

4 keys to achieve your 2021 New Year’s resolution

1. Identify your why

Your why is powerful. Without it, your resolution might not as well exist. Your why solidifies and gives credibility to your resolution. It’s the thread that holds your resolution.

A solid why has the power to overcome any temptation that might arise in your journey. Identify the reason for your New Year’s resolution and you have the antidote for quitting in 2021.

2. Make it a goal

Unwritten resolution is vague and nonexistent. Like a fantasy, it lacks commitment and action; it’s susceptible to abandonment. A written resolution takes a different form. It becomes a goal.

Goals are practical, actionable, and specific, thus easier to plan for and reach. Its very nature demands commitment and inspires action.

If you want a different result this in 2021, write down your New Year’s resolution and make it a goal you can commit and hold yourself accountable to.

3. Account for your strengths and weaknesses

It’s okay to be ambitious, but make your resolution realistic. Tailored it to you by accounting for things that could impact your journey negatively.

You know yourself, use that knowledge for your benefit. Consider how weaknesses and bad behavior patterns (which we all have) could impact your goals down the road and address them in your plan.

Resolution commitment in the first 30 days

For example, if you want to save but you struggle with spending, you can address this challenge by decreasing the total dollar amount or moving the due date back to give you more time.

Give yourself a winning chance this year by proactively addressing these challenges within your plans. It will minimize surprises and eliminate discouragement later on, and ultimately position you for success.

4. Get an accountability partner

Whether your vision is to save, lose weight, quit smoking or any of the 50 New Year’s resolution ideas you can find on Google, tell someone about it.

Why? Because it will increase your chance of of success by 65%. Don’t take my word for it. See what the experts at The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) have found.

Your accountability partner doesn’t have to be an expert in your resolution, but they must want what is best for you. Once you decide on a person, give them the freedom to challenge you of your commitment. And at the same time celebrate your success throughout your journey.

Don’t do your resolution solo this 2021. Find a trusted friend to hold you accountable to your plan and celebrate the little successes along the way.

Just to recap

To make your 2021 New Year’s resolution a success, you must…

  1. Identify your why.
    Your why is strong enough to overcome any temptation to quit. Magnify your why and allow it to take you back to the time you set your resolution to produce that same emotion to propel you through the discouraging part of your journey.
  2. Make your resolution a goal.
    Remember, undocumented resolution is a nonexistent resolution — a fantasy. Write yours down this year and make it applicable and measurable so you can easily commit to it.
  3. Identify your weakness and consider it in your plan.
    It’s wise to make room for weaknesses. It will eliminate unnecessary surprises and minimizes being blind sided.
  4. Let someone in on it.
    Include someone in on your goal, it will increase your goal of sticking with it by a whopping 65%.

Whatever your resolution is this year, implement these 4 keys to increase your chances of following it through till the end. This is your year to cross the finish line.

Your turn.

What other practical things have you implement in the past to help make year New Year’s resolutions quit proof?

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